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"Singles Meet Market" is one of FIVE programs designed for GROWTH by Erica Sandquist [Tampa Love Muse] for her business:

T​he Love Relationshop, LLC

to help you UPLEVEL YOUR LOVE life!

The Love Relationshop is the name of a new & unique Tampa business.  

We have 5 different programs that are fun, interactive, & educational

What exactly IS "The Love​ Relationshop" ?

❤ The word "relationshop" is a made-up word that is a combination of the words "relationship" and "workshop" because we provide relationship themed workshops and events!


❤ Additionally, a "shop" is a place we take something to fix it, enhance it, or simply maintain it.

We also need to fix, enhance, & maintain RELATIONSHIPS, including the relationship with ourselves!!

[Sometimes you just need the proper environment, time, guidance, skills, and/or "tools."]


❤ Therefore The Love Relationshop is where we learn AND practice relationship/communication skills so we have the tools for happier, healthier partnerships regardless of one's current romantic relationship status.

[For fun and puns, our theme is a motorcycle repair shop.]  Vroom vroom!

The Love Relationshop's PROGRAMS:

No matter what part of the relationship cycle you are in, we have something for you!


Meet Market

for singles


is for area local singles to attend, connect, enjoy, learn, & maybe even find a BFF [or a new LOVE] through our FUN conscious-centered events.  LEARN & PRACTICE new communication and relationship skills to become the best partner you can be!




for engaged couples


is specifically for engaged couples or couples thinking of getting married to help them determine if they are compatible for a long-term relationship by going through the TOUGH questions together with a coach so they both know to what they are saying "I DO"..


Date Your 

[Sole] Mate

for established couples

❤ DATE YOUR [SOLE] MATE is a dating series* specifically for COUPLES in established relationships to nourish & re-ignite their "love" life [through interactive dates] by learning ways to 'FINE TUNE' their relationships toward a stronger LOVE and deeper INTIMACY.

IT's HERE!  2024



for those going through 

divorce or breakup


is where you find how to navigate a breakup or divorce with love and respect instead of blame and shame . . . looking at the relationship as "complete" not necessarily "ended".


Do YOUR relationships need a little ATTENTION and some FINE TUNING to FEEL better, easier, safer, more fun, & maybe sexier too?!

Then it's time to UPLEVEL YOUR L♡VE!

Why did we choose a "motorcycle repair shop" and riding motorcycles
as METAPHORS for "The Love Relationshop"?

There are SO MANY fun metaphors and analogies between relationships and motorcycles! Just rolling with the PUNS and the sheer SEX APPEAL of motorcycle riding is half the fun of this site and program. The other half of the fun is providing an amazing resource to couples and singles in the area....and eventually all over the country! Vrrroooommmm vrrrooommmm!

Being 100% direct, while this "motorcycle repair shop" is the metaphorical theme of our business, we are NOT a biker's group nor a repair shop. And while we provide dates in an event like setting with other dedicated couples, this is NOT a swingers group.

We do not discriminate against any straight or gay couple, nor do we discriminate against any religious belief, age, or race. ALL  who want to work on their relationships with our program are welcomed by everyone.

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