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This is a section where we, as an affiliate for these brands, share about the products we have come to LOVE.  We want to be up front with you and let you know that we do financially benefit from any purchases you make through our links.  We love the idea of helping others by sharing amazing products AND promoting others' businesses!


Fascia Blaster by Ashley Black

 See INFO below . . . or click here.

Mary Kay Skin Care & Make-up

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health, beauty, fashion, being single, body image, dating, relationships, communication, money/financial, and getting your "act together" so you're ready for a ​healthy relationship!

Here's the science if you're interested in facts (research article--click for link) :

The effects of fascia manipulation with fascia devices on myofascial tissue, subcutaneous fat and cellulite in adult women

I'm Starting to Use the Fascia Blaster by Ashley Black!

August 8 2020

Oh my goodness! I am SO excited!  Have you heard of fascia? Have you heard of fascia expert Ashley Black?  She created Fascia Blaster and wait until you see what it can do! I'm going to start to using it this week and I'll record some of my milestones. You can get your own or read about it here . . . or just ignore this post if you don't have any problem areas on your body.



  • Fascia smoothing out & reorganizing

  • A decrease in subcutaneous fat

  • A decrease in systemic inflammation

  • Indications of improved collagen remodeling

  • A decrease in the appearance of cellulite

  • Increased metabolism

  • Overall safety of fascia manipulation

Go to the website using our link for:

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  • Sign Up for Newsletter

  • Read About the Science Behind Fascia Blaster

  • Shop for Fascia Blaster products

  • Read About Celebrities Customers

  • Fascia Yoga (click here)

  • AMAZING Platinum Pack @ 60% off (click here)


By using any of these links, you are recognizing us as an Ashley Black 

affiliate and we will be compensated from the company. 

Click on the link to order your very own fascia blaster.

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