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Singles Meet Market is all about MEETing others for friendships, companionships, relationships...all while learning AND practicing new relationship communication skills to be the best possible partner they can be!



support conscious quality people in defining, creating, & then maintaining their 

"happily ever after" !

For some people, it's just getting the opportunity to MEET their LOVE.  But for others, it's about creating and practicing new strategies, tools, habits and healthy patterns. 

For instance, if you're repeating any patterns [like picking dysfunctional partners], I can show you how to look at yourself and your life to identify patterns and causes w/o assessing blame or shame.  

A lot of times singles just keep doing what they've always done.  Then they get burned out or jaded on relationships which COULD lead them to hold back being their true selves once they are in a relationship.  In the SINGLES world, that means:  

  • RELATIONSHIP HOPPING [moving from one relationship to the next looking for someone who doesn't trigger you]

  • RELATIONSHIP HIDING [totally avoiding the pain of relationships--which actually can cause another kind of pain]

The GREAT NEWS is that this can all change with learning and adapting small changes that makes BIG differences with the help of someone who has been there!  

That's why in 2019, I started leading classes to improve communication for HAPPIER, HEALTHIER relationships. I believe that improving your relationship & communication SKILLS makes you a better partner . . . and that just takes learning skills & practicing skills! 

 Yes, that's right! LEARN & PRACTICE! [Do I sound like a teacher? That's because I've been an educator at many different levels for over 25 years! lol!]  All my interactive events have an EDUCATIONAL TWIST to help you become the best version of yourself that you can be!

 Hope to see you soon! 

 X❤️,   Erica

" To do this 'work' we must first look at ourselves, get brutally honest with our past, and then take radical responsibility for our reactions & responses!  Until we work through our own triggers, we can never fully feel at peace with another person. It's imperative to not only learn new skills but to practice them regularly in a safe that you're ready for LOVE when you MEET that someone who totally rocks your world!"

~Erica Sandquist, Love Muse

Whether you're attending our singles mingles events, dating events, or one of  our educational classes, you'll MEET other SINGLES who are also here toconnect, learn, enjoy, and grow!  Our focus is on MEETing new people [of any age, race, sex or orientation] who become friends!  I believe that we're all in this together and can enrich each other's lives just by sharing experiences and points of view!   So it is important to socialize with everyone and truly learn WHO THEY ARE ON THE INSIDE as well as the outside.

These new friends MAY introduce us to other singles in their lives who they think might be a FIT FOR US : maybe their uncle/aunt, neighbor, parent, co-worker, church member, club member, etc. This is the way people used to MEET:  through connections, introductions, recommendations, and blind dates.  It is real world and personal.  

By going through our classes, you'll be OPEN to dating as you'll have more skills & strategies to navigate the UPs and DOWNs of the dating rollercoasterTogether we learn and practice new RELATIONSHIP SKILLS to grow & become better versions of ourselves so when we MEET our LOVE, we're READY FOR A HAPPY, HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP!! 

You never know WHO you might MEET and what will happen next!  Attendees could become an acquaintance, friend, best friend, your new love, OR introduce you to THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE.  But you can't do it by sitting at home alone or staying online.  You need to step outside your comfort zone. 

Attend❤   Connect❤    Learn❤   Enjoy

When you ATTEND our uniquely fun AND educational events, you meet like-minded people who are choosing to grow.  So relax, be yourself, and have a great time with people who might just become your friends!

You will CONNECT if you're warm, inviting, & non-judgmental to both men & women.  Look for the good qualities in the person in front of you and focus on making others feel comfortable & appreciated.

Before, during and after each of our events, be open to LEARN some of the nuggets of info we offer about healthy DATING, MATING, & RELATING.

But most of all, remember to ENJOY yourself by letting go of expectations, lean in, and just have fun.  You don't have to solve anything right now. Just be in the moment.


"I believe that "the MAGIC of LOVE" takes work

So let's support each other & make "the work" fun, fun, FUN!"

BEFORE the relationship---> learn & practice new communication/relationship skills so you're ready when you meet someone awesome

DURING the relationship---> use your new skills as you work through things [together and/or separately] in a healthy way

AFTER the relationship---> process with support so you can learn from that relationship, heal, and do better next time

~ Erica Sandquist, Love Muse

Please help spread the word!  If everyone does this, the events will have 



 We provide FUN ways for quality local singles to attend, connect, enjoy, learn, & maybe even MEET a new BFF or new LOVE through our unique events!

 Our events are interactive and have an EDUCATIONAL TWIST . . . so you're getting more BANG for your BUCK.


We LOVE to host single mingles, trivia,  speed dating, game shows, dancing, weekly beach meetups, karaoke, happy hours, and more! 

It's just a great way to connect with others singles. You never know who you might meet...or be introduced to... because of the people you meet at our events!  

   Once you're in a relationship, there is a program called DATE YOUR SOLE MATE for couples to enjoy dating their significant other and UPLEVELING the relationship to what both deeply desire.  

We just started adding events for singles AND couples together. Why? We know that just because you're single, doesn't mean that your BFF is [or vice versa] . . . and it's awesome to do FUN events together! 

 Remember, we're all in this together!  X 

"Getting crystal clear on what you yearn for,

acknowledging past traumas,

taking radical responsibility to your reactions/responses to triggers,

and then communicating in a loving way,

increases your likelihood of co-creating the LOVE you've always wanted.

[whether or not you're currently in a relationship]

This is called 'doing the work' and I believe that the work is

incredibly SATISFYING...and can be FUN too!"

~Erica Sandquist, Love Muse

Hello! My name is

[Attend our events and grow!]

"We're all in this together!"


~ Erica Sandquist, Love Muse

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