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Learn with Erica to  



. . .by learning AND practicing new skills, strategies, & tools for better communication & relationships!



is about co-creating healthy relationships

When we want happy, healthy relationships, 

we need to learn & practice new strategies & skills to help us succeed. 

  • We help you get crystal clear on what you want your relationships to look like.

  • We can help you learn new strategies, skills, and tools... and put them into ACTION!

  • We help you hold yourself accountable.

  • We help by having someone without judgement on your side.

  • We give you another perspective.

"I believe that "the MAGIC of LOVE" takes work

So let's support each other & make "the work" fun, fun, FUN!"

BEFORE the relationship---> learn & practice new communication/relationship skills so you're ready when you meet someone awesome

DURING the relationship---> use your new skills as you work through things [together and/or separately] in a healthy way

AFTER the relationship---> process with support so you can learn from that relationship, heal, and do better next time

~ Erica Sandquist, Love Muse

It's fun!   It's fascinating!

It'll change your life!

Have you noticed that exceptional athletes, musicians, and writers are constantly learning and have coaches and/or mentors? Why is that? They know that in order to succeed beyond what they have already done, they need someone on their side who wants the best for them, encouraging them, seeing the big picture, setting bigger goals, holding them accountable, and helping them get out of their own way. They need someone in their corner who knows how to get results.

Our coaches work with people who want to make BIG changes or achieve some big results such as losing weight, getting into a healthy and happy relationship, or starting a business who are struggling to make it happen fast enough. We help them create an action plan and teach them how to stay super focused so that they make the changes or achieve the results that they want faster than ever before!

We will be offering workshops, classes and seminars in addition to our coaching services. Check out our links and pages to find out more about what we offer and how we help our clients exceed their expectations to build the life they want and actually live their dreams!

❤ What are you ready to change in your life? ❤


“All results in your life start in your mind. Using your brain to manage your mind can be challenging and that's where a coach can come in and make all the difference. All of the most successful people I know get coaching regularly.”

-Brooke Castillo 



How can we help you find more & better love experiences?



Communication & Relationship Classes &Workshops

in person [and via ZOOM] for those "in" relationships AND those "in-between" relationships. 

Some classes/workshops are for those IN RELATIONSHIPS and some are for those INBETWEEN RELATIONSHIPS...and some are for everyone whether you're in a relationship or not.

All the interactive events have an EDUCATIONAL TWIST to help you become the best version of yourself that you can be!

All classes and workshops are designed and facilitated by at least one life coach who specializes in love, relationships, communication, etc.

Are you ready to

UPLEVEL YOUR LOVE life?? Need a dating coach to get results? Then you may want attend classes facilitated by Erica and/or hire a coach! Erica has access to quite a few coaches with very different niches!



Our events for SINGLES are for those who want to MEET new friends with other singles while doing FUN things ... whether you're looking for a mate or not.

SINGLES MINGLES: are for any singles and may include but not limited to: naughty trivia, snorkeling, game shows, dancing and/or dancing lessons, cooking classes, massage classes, SUP, yachting adventures, travel, yoga, karaoke, movies, kayaking, beach, ziplines, ropes courses, mini golf, etc.  

The singles mingles are for those wanting to find a mate AND for those singles just looking to MEET new friends and socialize with other singles.  These are LOW KEY and relaxed.

DATING EVENTS: speed dating, dances, lock & key parties, spin the bottle, and MORE for those looking to date and/or looking for a potential mate!



The very first relationship we witnessed was most likely that of our parents. Their issues were our "normal". To have a healthy romantic love, we need skills and strategies to manage our feelings and emotions.

 Sometimes its difficult to "stand outside of yourself" and see what BIG and/or small changes that can make a HUGE difference in your potential for dating success.

We work with men and women who want to resolve their relationship issues once and for all so that they can have the love, passion, respect and fun they want! 

Are you ready to 

UPLEVEL YOUR LOVE life??  Need/want to get results?  Then you may want attend classes facilitated by Erica and/or hire a coach!  Erica has access to quite a few coaches with very different niches!

Do you own an area business and might like to become a sponsor, vendor, or you have a venue for our events?  Together we create winning solutions for our attendees AND our businesses by doing "joint ventures"!  Let's see what magic we can make!  Click below to learn more! ❤



Click here to learn about what classes and workshops are being offered.

What is the LAW of ATTRACTION?

Click here to learn about what the Law of Attraction is and how Erica uses it in her coaching and workshops.


Click here for a list of Erica's favorite book suggestions.

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