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Whether it is our programs in Tampa or ONLINE, we offer our best efforts and great events for our attendees as evidenced by our rave reviews.

support conscious quality people in defining, creating,
 & then maintaining healthy relationships that's their 
"happily ever after" !


Why do we do so much to help others?

What we do...

We solve one set of problems for you.  We put you in a room with a bunch of singles!!  Now you bring your fabulous personality,  sense of humor, great attitude, a few talking points, and your smile!

Being single is HARD...and lonely sometimes too!  We understand. 

We know that you COULD meet someone by accident and both fall madly in love. But usually it takes meeting a number of people before you find someone you click with! A LOT of people.  Then there has to be CHEMISTRY [which you can only TRULY find out if you MEET in person]! 

So the problem is, how do you meet them in the first place? Sure there are ways--bars, blind dates, dating services, online, etc. But they all have their disadvantages and they take time...lots of it. What fun is it to wait around for someone to talk to you in a bar or risk rejection over and over again, striking up conversations with people you don't even know are single? What if the conversation goes well, what about the awkwardness afterwards with asking for phone numbers?

Hanging out at bars is ok once in a while but it's not a strategy for finding a great match.  Plus, how do you know who there is SINGLE?  You might be chatting up a hottie all night just to find out they are taken or live across the country!  Meanwhile an awesome match was also there and you missed out!  Ugh!


Why we do what we do...

We believe in FUN, friendship, self-development, community, and LOVE most of all!  We KNOW it's hard being single and it is also hard finding a mate!!! But we believe THAT THE WORK IS WORTH IT WHEN YOU FIND YOUR MATCH!!  We want to help!

With our events, you meet multiple people in less than 2 hours, who you KNOW are single and looking to connect with others.

Think of it as a series of mini dates, without the hassle of endless messaging/phone calls/texts just to finally meet up for coffee or a drink! AND look at the money you save! Afterwards, if there's interest...anything from a first "I'd like to continue talking", you can set up a mutual time to meet. 

You will meet more single people in one night of Speed Dating or Single Mingles than you will in a month or more with traditional dating! WOW!!!! That saves you TIME, MONEY, ENERGY, and FRUSTRATION!

One of the best things about our events is that everyone there KNOWS why they are there, they WANT to be participating, and are looking forward to meeting people...people like you! There's no pressure, no rejection, no embarrassment AND no games.  It's just people wanting to meet others! It's pretty dang cool! 

Self-Development Books for 
Healthy Communication & Relationships

Soon, we are planning to have these events monthly! So, we ask that as this starts, people participate and realize that it is going to evolve over the next couple of months and years as more and more people become involved. As people hear about it and attend, it's going to be even MORE AWESOME!!


For that reason, we will be having package deals and discounts for repeat attendance to support those who are supportive to this mission. The survival of this group needs everyone to spread the word and bring single friends.

It's really exciting to be starting something this fantastic here in the greaterTampa area...but it is also expensive and time consuming for the organizers.


Therefore, we love and appreciate people signing up, volunteering, AND ATTENDING from the beginning so we can build something AMAZING together! We ask for patience, understanding and caring....and keeping to your RSVP.  ​


THAT'S the community of singles we are building!  

We're all in this together!

Together we are building a community of caring, single people with integrity:

  • We've had GREAT feedback from the first events.

  • We're working hard to improve upon each event with feedback.

  • There's been QUITE the LEARNING CURVE so we appreciate grace and help.

  • It's really exciting to be starting something this fantastic for singles [and couples now too].

  • It is expensive and time consuming to host these events so we ask for patience, understanding, and help.

  • We love and appreciate people signing up, sharing, helping, and attending so we can build something AMAZING together! We can't do it alone.

  • Please keep your RSVP.

  • The community of singles we are building IS caring people of integrity who are community-minded.

Why on earth would I go?!?



Where are you going to meet a room full of cool singles who are there because they WANT to date?  PLUS they have enough confidence to show up at a singles event!  That's HOT!  Not only are the guests cool, but the hosts and venue staff are way cool too! [Yes, your hosts wrote this!  Don't judge! lol]


Seriously, we are really impressed with the QUALITY of people who attend.  We want to build a community of singles who have integrity.  No one is perfect.  We appreciate those who don't judge a book by its cover.  They actually use the speed dates to get a snapshot of the person inside before making a decision IF they'd want to get to know that person better or not. 

  [Remember, though, that no one is background checked so use common sense.]  We're all in this together so let's make it FUN! 


Mingling with a bunch more prospects, er, singles! Yes, that's right.  You will be SAVING TIME like crazy because all you have to do is SHOW UP...not to mention you'll be saving money (see next column).  

Speaking of CRAZY!  Online dating can take FOREVER to read all those profiles, correspond with a few for awhile, and FINALLY set up a date to meet ... only to be disappointed that they have OLD photos and/or there's ZERO chemistry ... or they are flat out crazy.  You can just get rid of that online dating profile now and go to our monthly events!  You'll have more FUN!

[Think of events like a pre-date. You talk for a couple of minutes ... just enough to know if there's enough interest to go out on a first date.]


At our events, you get a LOT of value for your time and money.  [And time IS money, right?]  Not only do you get ENTERTAINED, but you also LEARN skills that can better your life.  Since you're learning COMMUNICATION SKILLS and increasing your EQ, this could help you for the rest of your life AND for generations to come if you have children in your life.  

Our prices start from $20/ticket [depending on event, venue, & their option]. Please plan on spending $ on an optional drink [or more] and an appetizer or meal to support the venue/waitstaff and to stave off being hangry for your first impression. [Take it from us!  Hungry + angry = hangry = not a good look!!]  Please also tip generously at 20% so the venue appreciates us being there. 

Possible bonus or add-ons: classes, dance lessons, LIVE music, dancing, activities, and MORE. 


At every event...even the entertaining ones...we have relationship and communication skills education NUGGETS to improve your EQ. 

Where are you going to meet a room full of cool singles who are there because they WANT to LEARN and become the best possible version of themselves?  PLUS they have enough confidence to show up at an interactive educational event!  That's HOT!

Seriously, we are really impressed with the QUALITY of people who attend.  We want to build a community of singles who have integrity and great EQ.  


  [Remember, though, that no one is background checked so use common sense.]  We're all in this together so let's make it FUN!



Make your experience great--as well as everyone YOU meet!

We have been really contemplating wanting to give the BEST  VALUE and as WONDERFUL of an experience as possible.   Bottom line? We want you to really enjoy yourself, connect with some great people, and make new friends...but it's up to everyone to do their part by SHARING the event,  being kind,  and keeping your RSVP!   We're all in this together! 


Look outside of yourself during this experience . . . what can you bring to this event with your personality, interests and experience?  How can you help or add to the event?


Push yourself a little to get out of your comfort zone. Confidence is SEXY AF and it's an inside job---meaning YOU have to do the "work" to get it. 

Be brave. Talk to others. Make THEM feel welcome.  Introduce people to each other.  

If it feels less intimidating, think of this more like networking and it's your JOB to learn about as many people as you can.


FIND SINGLE FRIENDS!!!   You'll meet some amazing people that you may want to hang out with, but perhaps not necessarily want to date [of the same sex OR opposite sex]. 

Don't be shy.  Ask the person if they feel the friend connection and want to hang out next week.

It's FUN to do things with other SINGLES so we're not the dreaded 3rd wheel with our couple friends OR get stuck doing activities ALONE or not at all.  So meet people at these events to build up your LIST OF SINGLE FRIENDS.  Plus it's great support.


What about feeling REJECTION? Man, that's HARD to feel rejected. Well, I've found something that works for me and I'll share it! 

Remember JR HIGH? Remember having a CRUSH? Could you control WHO you had a CRUSH ON or didn't have a crush on?!? NO! Could you turn it off or switch it to someone more worthy? NO!

Chemistry is the same. and it's a bugger. You either have it with someone or you don't. 

AND just because you do [or don't] feel chemistry with someone, it doesn't mean they feel the same towards YOU. 

Knowing that it's just LUCK whether someone FEELS SOMETHING FOR YOU makes it easier to bear "rejection" because it's really not rejection at all!!!!! Ahhhhhhh.


Know your non-negotiables, your preferences, and you "wouldn't it be nice if" lists.

Each time we put ourselves out there, we get MORE clear on what we want and what we DON'T want.  THAT means we are that much closer to finding an actual match instead of just a placeholder relationship. :) 


Enjoy the journey: This is the single most important person that YOU GET TO CHOOSE to bring into your life so it's ok that it takes time. 

How much time to do you spend picking out a car or insurance or a new big TV?

Well, this is bigger than all THAT together. So be OK with meeting a lot of people, going on a lot of dates, and kissing a lot of frogs before finding your match.  That's how it works.

And honestly, FINDING YOUR TRUE LOVE probably won't happen on the first singles event that you do.  Or the second. So relax.  We are so complicated as humans...especially when it comes to love and relationships. :)


People used to meet their future spouse by being introduced to each other.  Now we're meeting strangers.

To increase your odds of finding the needle in the haystack, talk to EVERYONE no matter what age, height, looks, style, or sex.  WHY?  You never know who they know that might be a PERFECT match for you!!  

Be a good community member and also think about others: 

when you meet a cool person of ANY AGE and ask yourself, "Who do I know who may be a good match for this wonderful person?Think of other people in the room you've already  met.


Get a grip on your EXPECTATIONS!   When I went to my very first singles event, I was TERRIFIED of two things: 

A.  Meeting my one true love!

B. NOT meeting my one true love!

Oh man, I look back on this now and realize that I was futurizing and not being PRESENT. And I set myself up for failure NO MATTER WHAT!  Just go and ENJOY yourself no matter what COULD happen.


Be the person you would want to meet at a event! RSVP early and KEEP YOUR RSVP no matter how much you try to talk yourself out of attending the closer the event gets! lol 

How can YOU make the experience the very best for the person across from you? Smile, be kind, be interested.  DON'T judge a book by it's cover.  You know you wouldn't want that done TO YOU.

Be someone YOU'D want to date by showing up on time, being kind, and by following the rules! 

And no complaining about your ex-- no matter how AWFUL they are! lol


Help us help you!!   Keep spreading the word and bring a friend or two each time.

If everyone WORKS together to make this AMAZING, then it will be MORE THAN AMAZING in a shorter period of time!!!!

You can also share our events on other Facebook pages/groups, to friends, and invite them along. Tell your communities--where you live, work and worship.

Thank you!  We appreciate your efforts so very much!!! 


We are planning to have these events monthly!  So, we ask that as this starts, YOU participate and realize that it is going to evolve over the next couple of weeks/months as more and more people become involved.  

As more and more people hear about it and attend, it's going to be even MORE AWESOME!!  

However, in the beginning, it may not look as populated.  It would be tempting to SKIP going.

But if everyone skips going until it gets busy, two things could happen:

A.  Your organizers will cry because of all the time, effort, and money they put into a singles event for no one to attend.

B.  It will never grow because people are too afraid to "take a risk" and the organizers will eventually give up.

And just because it's not SOLD OUT, that doesn't mean that there aren't great people attending!!  

So come to our events and help us grow it so it is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!


What does MINGLE mean?

Mingling means to talk to someone [or a group of people] for a short time, then excuse yourself to talk to new people OR invite others to join your group.  Make introductions.  [That's a great way to practice learning to memorize names!] 

We have found that mingling for 5-8 minutes per person works best to get a SNAPSHOT of the other person. Be respectful and move around to others in the room. Most people know in just a few minutes if they would like to get to know someone better or not.

The purpose of single events is to bring singles together to meet other singles that they would like to know better. Some people might become friends at first sight and others might feel romance is in the air.

If you really hit it off with someone, you may want to talk longer, stay when the event is over, mingle at the after party, and/or exchange numbers to have a real date.

I'm a little nervous going to a singles event.  Any advice?

You may be new to speed dating may be nervous about attending an event. However, there is absolutely no reason to be nervous everyone at the event is just like you - single and looking to meet other singles. The events are very low pressure, organized and take place in a structured setting. You never have to worry about approaching someone at our events, because they are expecting and waiting for you to approach them! Don't let nerves stop you from an opportunity to meet someone great!

What if I don't find anyone that I'd want to date again?

We are so confident our events are FUN and successful in meeting great people that you can come back for FREE if there isn't anyone at the event you are interested in getting to know as a friend or as a possible mate! To receive a FREE PASS to another event, you must:

  • be present and participating during the entire event in which you want a "re-do"

  • let us know within 48 hours of the event ending

  • select "NO" to everyone on dating card if applicable [indicating you did not see anyone there you were interested in seeing again]

You are eligible for one FREE PASS per paid event. It is rare that we have someone with no interest in anyone at an event, but it can happen so the FREE PASS takes the worry out of signing up. Bottom line? We want you to have a great time...such a great time that you give us raving reviews and want to invite your friends to al of our future events! 

Will it be ok if I come alone?

Absolutely! There is no reason to feel awkward about attending an event alone.In fact, MOST of the people attending an event come alone. 

Before we begin, the hosts will go through the process so you will never feel as if you don't know what is going on. Once at an event you will be paired at a table with someone and engaged in conversation, therefore having a friend with you is not necessary. 

However, people also have a great time when they bring along their friends. IF you don't have any single friends, these events are a GREAT place to meet new friends of either sex!

Will it be ok if I come with friends?

ABSOLUTELY!  The more the merrier!

Ladies- Our events make a great "ladies night out", so encourage your single girlfriends to join you for more fun times!  And you can be looking out for matches for your friends as well as yourself... and that playful feminine energy is sexy to men! 

Gentlemen-There's nothing that will make women swoon more than a few guy friends walking in together...and that male energy is sexy to women! Women prefer men who have good male friends.

Attend❤   Connect❤    Learn❤   Enjoy

When you ATTEND our uniquely fun AND educational events, you meet like-minded people who are choosing to grow.  So relax, be yourself, and have a great time with people who might just become your friends!

You will CONNECT if you're warm, inviting, & non-judgmental to both men & women.  Look for the good qualities in the person in front of you and focus on making others feel comfortable & appreciated.

Before, during and after each of our events, be open to LEARN some of the nuggets of info we offer about healthy DATING, MATING, & RELATING.

But most of all, remember to ENJOY yourself by letting go of expectations, lean in, and just have fun.  You don't have to solve anything right now. Just be in the moment.


Please help spread the word!  If everyone does this, the events will have 



 We provide FUN ways for quality local singles to attend, connect, enjoy, learn, & maybe even MEET a new BFF or new LOVE through our unique events!

 Our events are interactive and have an EDUCATIONAL TWIST . . . so you're getting more BANG for your BUCK.


We LOVE to host single mingles, trivia,  speed dating, game shows, dancing, weekly beach meetups, karaoke, happy hours, and more! 

It's just a great way to connect with others singles. You never know who you might meet...or be introduced to... because of the people you meet at our events!  

   Once you're in a relationship, there is a program called DATE YOUR SOLE MATE for couples to enjoy dating their significant other and UPLEVELING the relationship to what both deeply desire.  

We just started adding events for singles AND couples together. Why? We know that just because you're single, doesn't mean that your BFF is [or vice versa] . . . and it's awesome to do FUN events together! 

 Remember, we're all in this together!  X 

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